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Aizawl teen cyclist’s surprise to mother: A washing machine

           Photo: Young cyclist Vanlalruata in action

In a heartwarming gesture, a 17-year-old ambitious cyclist from Aizawl surprised his mother by gifting her a brand new washing machine. The young cyclist purchased the appliance using the prize money he won in a cross-country cycling competition, showcasing his ambition and love for his family.

Vanlalruata, hailing from Tuirial hamlet on the eastern periphery of Aizawl, is a passionate cyclist with great potential. Despite belonging to a financially disadvantaged family, he managed to secure a bicycle for the Mizoram XCO 2023, the first-ever cross-country cycling competition held in the hilly state. He won first prize in Junior category.

The organisers of the event expressed their admiration for Vanlalruata’s determination, as he borrowed a bicycle from generous individuals to compete. Additionally, a kind-hearted cycle shop owner in Bawngkawn gifted him a mountain bike to support his passion for cycling.

Upon receiving the cash prize of Rs 10,000 for winning first place, Vanlalruata selflessly decided to fulfill his mother’s long-standing wish of owning a washing machine. “My mother has been dreaming of owning a washing machine for so long. I am delighted that I can finally make her dream come true,” said the young cyclist, who dreams of becoming a national champion one day.

His mother’s unwavering support and encouragement have played a significant role in shaping Vanlalruata’s passion for cycling. Despite their financial hardships, the determined teenager managed to save Rs 3,500 from his earnings as a labourer, contributing to the purchase of a Godrej washing machine worth Rs 13,500.

Sources said that Vanlalruata is a promising cyclist and has already secured a bronze medal at the Northeast Olympics. His achievements serve as an inspiration to many aspiring cyclists in Mizoram, where cycling is gaining popularity as a means of promoting health and sports among the locals.

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