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Alleged abduction revealed as planned escape

Aizawl: In a surprising turn of events, the alleged abduction of a 32-year-old woman from Myanmar, reported earlier, has been revealed to be a planned disappearance on her own accord. 

The woman, identified as Kazhine, had been staying temporarily with her mother-in-law in Siaha, a town in southern Mizoram.

During the police investigation, Kazhine’s mother-in-law, Suizingi, disclosed that they had traveled together in an auto-rickshaw on Thursday (July 13) to a location called Prayer Point in Meisatla. Their intention was to meet a pickup truck that was supposed to be waiting for them there.

On not finding the expected vehicle, they proceeded towards Zero Point and eventually encountered the truck near Tuitlawk stream. According to Suizingi’s statement to the police, Kazhine boarded the pickup truck with her three bags after exchanging greetings with one of the men inside, and they departed for a place called Zero village.

The police’s interrogation of Kazhine’s mother-in-law was preceded by a statement from the auto-rickshaw driver who claimed to have transported both Kazhine and an elderly woman on the previous day. It was based on this statement that the elderly woman was brought to the police station. The auto-rickshaw driver also identified Suizingi as the elderly woman she had transported with a young woman the previous day.

Investigations further revealed that another woman disembarked from the pickup truck that Kazhine had boarded. This woman later returned to the town in the same auto-rickshaw, but her involvement in Kazhine’s disappearance remains undisclosed.

Suizingi informed the police that her daughter-in-law, along with two men, returned to their rented house around 5:00 pm on the same day, claiming to settle a financial matter. They subsequently left again at around 5:00 pm.

Police said Suizingi’s claim of being threatened by a masked man and her daughter’s alleged kidnapping has now been exposed as a fabrication. 

“It appears that the disappearance of Kazhine was meticulously planned, as evidenced by the pre-packed luggage and her mother-in-law’s involvement in dropping her off. The false kidnapping story seems to have been concocted to deceive creditors, with Kazhine making a well-prepared escape. The man who accompanied her even bid farewell to her mother-in-law, assuring her that Kazhine would return within two weeks,” Police said.

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