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BJP threat to India’s unity, says Mizoram Cong vice prez

Aizawl: Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee vice president Lalnunmawia Chuaungo said today the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) poses a threat to India’s ‘unity in diversity’ and must be voted out.

Speaking to party members at Congress Bhavan in Aizawl, the former IAS officer highlighted the current challenges faced by Mizoram, and said: “Mizoram finds itself in the midst of an internal threat from within our own nation. The BJP’s primary agenda appears to be the marginalisation of religious minorities in India. In our neighbouring state of Manipur, our ethnic brethren and sisters are grappling with the divisive governance of the BJP, resulting in a stifling of religious freedom and insecurity for minority communities.”

Chuaungo went on to express his dismay at the unfolding situation in Manipur, emphasising that such ethnic violence is unprecedented in any democratic nation today. “It brought shame the BJP government, but the latter is burying its head in the sand,” he said.

The former Mizoram Chief Secretary also drew attention to the revocation of Jammu & Kashmir’s special status, which was constitutionally protected. He lamented, “The BJP’s decision to downgrade it to a Union Territory represents a significant shift. India’s only Muslim-majority state has lost its unique status.”

Chuaungo raised concerns about the potential repercussions for Christian-majority states like Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Mizoram, questioning, “What recourse do we have if the Central BJP government decides to scrap our special safeguards, such as Article 371G and Inner Line Permit (ILP)?”

Chuaungo further highlighted an issue concerning the Assam Rifles, a paramilitary force, in February 2019. He revealed that, during his tenure as Mizoram’s Chief Secretary, he had written to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) requesting the withdrawal of additional police powers granted to the Assam Rifles in several Northeastern states, including Mizoram. Regrettably, his plea “fell on deaf ears.”

Chuaungo emphasised the critical need to vote out the BJP in order to safeguard India’s democracy, protect freedom of religion, and preserve our nation’s cherished ‘Unity in Diversity.’

He stated, “The BJP has made significant inroads in saffronising the North East region. Mizoram holds a pivotal role in the revival of the Congress party nationwide. With five states, including Mizoram, set to hold elections this year, the outcomes of these polls carry immense significance in determining the BJP’s fate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.”

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