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Bru voters, now settled in Tripura, removed from Mizoram e-roll

 So far, 11,997 names of Bru voters’, who have settled permanently in Tripura have been deleted by Mizoram election officials ahead of the coming state assembly elections 

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Aizawl: Mizoram state election department has deleted a total 6,239 names of Bru voters who have permanently settled in neighbouring Tripura state, according to the draft electoral roll of the state published on Wednesday.
State election officials said that while 4,832 names of Bru voters were deleted from the voter’s lists of 3 assembly constituencies in Mizoram-Tripura-Bangladesh border Mamit district, 1,096 and 311 Bru voters were deleted from the electoral rolls in Assam border Kolasib district and Bangladesh border Lunglei district in south Mizoram respectively.
There are now 8,38,039 voters in Mizoram according to the draft electoral roll in which female voters outnumbered their male counterparts by 24,545 votes, with the female voters at 4,31,292 and the male voters at 4,06,747.
Including those deleted through corresponding deletion requests from the Tripura state election commission through ERONet earlier, altogether, 11,997 Bru voters’ names, who had settled permanently in Tripura have been deleted by Mizoram election officials ahead of the coming state assembly elections, the officials said.
With this, the vexed issue of deletion of Bru voters, who have settled in Tripura, from Mizoram voters’ lists has been settled once and for all, a senior state election official said.
Deletion of Bru names from the state electoral roll through ERONet was undertaken at snail’s pace prompting the state election officials to undertake the work by themselves to speed up the deletion process.
Deletion of Bru voters could only be undertaken after a quadrilateral agreement was signed between the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mizoram and Tripura state governments and different Bru bodies in the relief camps on January 16, 2020 in which it was agreed that the Bru community in Tripura relief camps who did not like to return to Mizoram are allowed to settle permanently in Tripura.
Thousands of members of Bru community migrated to neighbouring Tripura in the wake of the murder of Lalzawmliana, a forest guard working inside the Dampa Tiger Reserve on October 21, 1997 near Persang hamlet by Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) insurgents.
Another exodus occurred after Zarzoliana, a youth belonging to Bungthuam village, was gunned down by Bru rebels on November 13, 2009.
Several efforts to repatriate the Brus from Tripura to Mizoram failed and the Delhi agreement allowed them to settle over 32,000 Brus in Tripura and to be enrolled in Tripura voters’ lists. 

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