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Burglar’s gold rush turns into woof-er misadventure

Zopa Goldsmith at Tuikual South, Aizawl

Aizawl: In a hilarious turn of events, a daring burglar’s dreams of a gold heist were shattered when he broke into Zopa Goldsmith, only to find himself leaving with a measly Rs 3000-worth woofer instead of precious jewels.
It was around 9:00 am Sunday (June 9) when Aizawl’s residents were busy attending church services. Seizing the opportunity, an unidentified man in his 20s targeted the renowned goldsmith shop at Tuikual South neighbourhood.
The audacious burglar confidently entered the shop, as captured by the CCTV footage, without bothering to wear a disguise or rush his moves. However, his hopes of a glittering score were dashed when he discovered that the shop owners wisely kept their valuable jewelry and cash elsewhere, police said.
To his dismay, all the thief managed to snatch was a humble woofer valued at a mere Rs 3000, leaving the goldsmith shop’s treasure untouched.
Now, the police are on the lookout for this cunning yet unlucky burglar, who found himself with a prize that won’t exactly dazzle his criminal resume.
In the meantime, the residents of Aizawl can rest assured that their favourite goldsmith is keeping their precious treasures safe, leaving would-be thieves with nothing but woofers to howl about.
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