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Campagning reaches its peak for Mizoram

Aizawl: With barely five days before polling is held for election to the 40-member Mizoram legislative assembly, election campaign is reaching its peak with political parties hurling accusations and counter accusations at each other.

Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), the second largest party in the Mizoram legislative assembly, on Friday urged the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) party to leave the BJP-led NDA if the latter is against the BJP.

Member of the ZPM Political Affairs Committee (PAC) TBC Lalvenchhunga told media persons that the MNF continues to work closely with the saffron party by being a constituent of the NDA and dared the ruling party to leave the BJP-led alliance.

Lalvenchhunga reiterated that the ZPM will not forge post-poll alliance with the saffron party in any cirsumstances. He rather said that the party hopes to form the next government on its own.

“The party (ZPM) will not form a coalition government with the political parties headed by ‘unbelievers’ as it will be against the aspirations of the people of Mizoram,” he said.

He accused the MNF and the Congress of spreading false propaganda that the ZPM is having covert dealings with the saffron party to form a coalition government after the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, chairman of the MND media department VL Krosshnehzova accused ZPM of having secret relations with the BJP to forge post-poll alliance and form the next government.

Accusing the BJP of using money power during the electioneering by taking advantage of poorer sections of the society, Krosshnehzova said that the saffron party is attacking the MNF party with all its might to defeat the ruling party in order to install a government in the state in which the BJP can be a part of the government.

He slammed the BJP saying that Christians across the country, especially in neighbouring Manipur have been targetted by the saffron party and indulged in destruction of hundreds of churches.

ZPM is talking about change and ‘Kalphung thar’ (news sytem of governance), but their real ambition is to form the next government at all cost even if they have to forge alliance with the BJP, he added.

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