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Candidate summoned for ‘hate speech’


Aizawl: A woman independent candidate Lalramdingngheti, accused of making hate speech during election campaign in Mizoram-Tripura-Bangladesh border Mamit district recently was summoned by returning officer of Mamit assembly seat V L Remliana and the former apologised for her speech before the RO.

Lalramdingngheti, who is contesting from Mamit and Dampa assembly seats in Mamit district is one of the independent candidates fielded by a spiritual political group called ‘Lalpa Chhiahhlawh Intelkhawm’ or ‘Group of the Lord’s Servants’ led by Rev. Zaichhawna Hlawndo.

Remliana told her on Thursday evening that her speech during a street campaign could have triggered communal enmity between majority and minority communities in the state and against the election model code of conduct (EMCC) of the Election Commission of India.

He told the candidate not to say things that can cause communal tension and which are against the EMCC in future.

Lalramdingngheti’s video of election speech which went viral in social media has been slammed by cross sections of the society. She reportedly said before a section of Bru community that the Mizo people regard them as sub human beings and look down upon them as their servants while in reality they are the descendants of Israel.

She said that she was selected by God to emancipate the minority Bru community from the majority Mizo community.

Young Mizo Association (YMA) Mamit sub-headquarters submitted a complaint to the Mamit Police Station on Wednesday alleging that Lalramdingngheti’s speech was a hate speech which can trigger communal enmity.

Her speech is not only a hate speech that is regarded as punishable under the law of the land, but also against the election guidelines, they said.

Earlier, Zaichhawna Hlawndo’s group had disowned her and distanced itself from the speech. 

In a press release issued in Aizawl, ‘Lalpa Chhiahhlawh Intelkhawm’ said that whatever was said by Lalramdingngheti while campaigning in Dampa and Mamit assembly constituencies where she is contested, was not acknowledged and approved by the group.

The group’s press release said that she had already apologised before the meeting of the group and was told to take utmost care in what she is going to say in her campaign.

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