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Cash for cuties: Aizawl church’s bid to boost Mizoram’s population

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Aizawl: The Tuikual local church committee of the Presbyterian Church’s Mizoram Synod has set in motion an intriguing plan to encourage population growth in the state. Embracing the vision of the Mizoram Synod of the Presbyterian Church of India, this local church Aizawl has hatched a plan that promises to turn heads and cradle babies.

Bearing testimony to the Synod’s vision, the Tuikual Presbyterian church is offering a tangible incentive for the blessed arrival of newborns. The plan is simple yet innovative: the cash registers will ring for every legally wedded couple that brings forth the pitter-patter of little feet. A heartwarming reward of Rs 3,000 awaits the parents for their first, second, and third bundles of joy.

Yet, the surprise doesn’t stop there. As families expand, so do the rewards. The fourth cherub to grace the family will earn a generous Rs 5,000, while the brave souls welcoming a fifth member into their fold will receive a whopping Rs 10,000. It’s a spectacle of celebration that promises to not only fill cradles but also wallets.

The church’s unique incentive program doesn’t stop at just spreading joy to the growing families; it also builds a bridge of togetherness within the congregation. To be eligible, families must be loyal members of the local church, intertwining community bonds with the promise of future generations.

This heartwarming initiative draws strength from the Presbyterian Church’s Mizoram Synod, an influential denomination that has long championed the cause of a more populous state. In a bid to protect Mizoram’s identity and ensure its resilience, the church has rallied its members to multiply and prosper.

This clarion call to embrace a “baby boom” has found resonance beyond the church’s hallowed walls. Notably, the Baptist Church of India, the state’s second-largest Christian denomination, and even the Young Mizo Association (YMA), a prominent civil society organisation, are all singing in harmony with the Mizoram Synod’s chorus.

Why this urgency for more tiny feet to grace Mizoram’s landscape? 

Statistics paint a vivid picture. Mizoram’s population density stands at 52 square kilometers, in stark contrast to Arunachal Pradesh’s paltry 17 per square kilometer. The concern is clear: a state so sparsely populated faces the risk of being absorbed by its more populous neighbours. The rallying cry for population growth is, in essence, a fight for Mizoram’s identity and vitality.

Even the State Economics and Statistics department nods in agreement, waving a cautionary flag. Mizoram’s growth rate, it warns, is lagging far behind what is necessary for a sustainable future. A low growth rate paves the way for a potential threat – the gradual erosion of the Mizo people’s presence.

In the heart of Aizawl, the Tuikual Presbyterian church’s visionary incentive program is more than just a financial nudge – it’s a powerful statement. It’s a call to families, a call to communities, and a call to the future. As the cradle of faith intertwines with the cradle of life, it creates a symphony that resonates through generations to come.

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