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Central YMA appeals voters to exercise their rights

Aizawl: Central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA), the largest civil society organisation of the Mizos, on Wednesday appealed to all the citizens enrolled in the voters’ list to exercise franchise in the coming election to the 40-member state legislative assembly.

“As the people are responsible for the government we elected, it is the duty of all the citizens to cast their votes in the elections,” the election message issued by the YMA said.

The election message also appealed to the people and the political parties not to launch election campaign based on ethnicity or religion and church denominations as such kind of canvassing can damage unity of the people of Mizoram.

It appealed to all the political parties and candidates not to organise community feasts during the hustings and also restriction of public address system only in line with the permission given by competent authorities so that the general public is not disturbed.

“No under-aged people should be used for campaign purposes and drag them to politics,” the message urged.

They also made appeal to the political parties and candidates not to utilise muscle and money power or any other inducements that amount to purchase of votes. The YMA also asked the general public, churches and other organisations not to make any monetary demands from the political parties and candidates.

The election message also appealed to the people not to spread lies through social media that can be used as political advantage by political parties and candidates. 

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