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Church vandalised in Lunglei’s Zobawk village

Aizawl: An act of sacrilege occurred in Zobawk village, located in the southern Mizoram district of Lunglei, where a Presbyterian church fell victim to vandalism and desecration. Church officials reported that the incident likely took place either on Friday or Saturday night.

Law enforcement authorities are considering the possibility that the individuals responsible for this blasphemous act could be either ‘Satan’s worshippers’ or drug addicts.

The vandals targeted the morning prayer guidebook, positioned atop the pulpit at the center of the church, and also wreaked havoc within the vestry—a room or structure connected to the church, typically used for administrative purposes and for changing into ceremonial attire.

Among the items missing from the vestry were the sacramental tray and cups. Additionally, religious texts and stationery items were forcibly removed from two cupboards and scattered across the vestry floor.

The church itself is situated in an isolated location, and the key to the building had been stored near the main entrance. However, it was discovered within the vestry following the incident.

Although church leaders have decided not to involve the police, opting instead to offer prayers for the individuals behind the act, they did inform local representatives of the Young Mizo Association (YMA).

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