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CM Zoramthanga reaffirms Mizoram support for ‘Zofate’ in Manipur

Aizawl: Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga said on Wednesday that Mizoram stood firm in its commitment to support the Mizo ethnic tribes in Manipur through thick and thin.
Taking to his official social media handles after having a meeting with 50 leaders of Mizo ethnic tribes from the neighbouring state of Manipur, Zoramthanga said, “The Zofate (Zo kindred tribes) living in different countries and state, though divided by political boundaries and known by different nomenclatures, should not allow destruction of their brotherhood due to such differences.” 
“Our unity as a single tribe is our only chance for survival,” he added.
Six legislators, including two ministers of state of Manipur and representatives of different Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) met Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga and held a meeting at the Chief Minister’s Office conference hall on Wednesday.
He expressed anguish over the sufferings of the people in Manipur due to the ongoing ethnic violence, especially the sufferings of the Zofate.
“I wish that no more sufferings are inflicted and that peace is restored in Manipur,” he said.
He appealed to the leaders from Manipur hill areas to take steps unitedly and carefully in times of the current crisis and in pursuit of their future.
The government and the people of Mizoram stand fast for the kindred brothers and sisters in Manipur and will continue to extend all possible help in the future, he said.
Zoramthanga was accompanied by former Lok Sabha member and vice president of the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) Vanlalzawma while the Manipur CSOs included Kuki Students’ Organisation, Hmar Inpui, Committee on Tribal Unity, Mizo People’s Convention, Zomi Council Student Organisation and other organisations.
Representatives of the CSOs of Manipur tribal community also held lengthy discussion with Mizoram’s NGO Coordination Committee, a conglomerate of major civil societies and student bodies and discussed about unity of all the ethnic Mizos living in different parts of the country and also in foreign countries.
It was agreed to hold further consultations on the issue of unity.
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