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Congress banks on book

MPCC president Lalsawta with former CS Lalnunmawia Chuaungo on his right paging his (Lalsawta’s) book

Aizawl: In Mizoram’s pursuit of establishing an ideal government and a society where infallibility reigns, the Congress party is turning to an inspiring new book. Titled “That Loh Theih Lohna Bawm” (A Room Where No One Can Be Wrong), the book, authored by Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee president Lalsawta, lays out a visionary roadmap to create a utopian society.

During a ‘Wednesday Discussion’ at Congress Bhavan today, the state’s best-selling book was reviewed by research scholar David Lalrinchhana, who praised its profound insights. “Mizoram doesn’t need leaders like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. Mizoram boasts a wealth of capable politicians. Take, for instance, Mizo district council CEM H K Bawichhuaka, who humbly lived in a rented house despite his stature. His integrity sets an example,” he stated.

“It may be challenging to reform a population of over a million in Mizoram overnight, but the task becomes more manageable when we focus on reforming 40 legislators. The journey towards reformation must begin with our lawmakers. If we can lead the people with the same honesty exemplified by Bawichhuaka, the ideology outlined in this book will surely become a reality. Mizoram stands to witness a profound and positive change,” he confidently asserted.

Talking about his book, Lalsawta said, “Within these pages, I have not penned unattainable dreams, but rather, I have outlined achievable aspirations. Just as Chhuanthar and Kohhran Thianghlim have successfully established regimented and exemplary societies among their members, we too can achieve greatness.”

Chhuanthar and Kohhran Thianghlim, as two religious sects in Mizoram, have demonstrated how a disciplined and ideal society can flourish within their communities.

“Driven by a vision of an immaculate, corruption-free government, the Congress party strives to embrace the principles laid out in this book,” Lalsawta said and asserted that by fearlessly pursuing the betterment of the society, unaffected by the prospect of losing power, an ideal government can indeed be realised. 

“It all starts with our unwavering commitment to the collective well-being of the people,” he said.

Congress MLA Lalrindika Ralte echoed his enthusiasm, emphasising that “That Loh Theih Lohna Bawm” truly embodies the core values and vision of the Congress party. “We are fully committed to governing by these principles, and we want the people of Mizoram to be aware of it.”

Former chief secretary of Mizoram, Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, shared his heartfelt sentiments, declaring, “This book encapsulates everything I ever dreamed of for establishing an ideal society. It serves as an inspiration in my relentless pursuit of a just government. Far from being a flight of fancy, this ideology is practical and achievable. All that remains is the political will to turn these goals into reality.”

Joining the chorus of praise, journalist-turned-politician Vanneihthanga commended the book’s profound impact. He remarked, “Though not voluminous, ‘That Loh Theih Lohna Bawm’ contains all the essential points for establishing a perfect governance and society. It stands in stark contrast to the belief that politics is merely a money-making venture. This book leaves no room for such individuals. Its ideology offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing Mizoram—a beacon of hope lighting our way forward.”

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