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Congress calls for unity against ‘threat to secularism’ under BJP regime

 MPCC treasurer Dr Lalmalsawma Nghaka addresses a street rally at Serchhip town

Aizawl: The Congress party in Mizoram alleged that the fabric of India’s secularism is under dire threat under the oppresive rule of BJP regime, and urged the people to rise up against the BJP and its allies in the Northeast, who are trampling on the principles that form the foundation of a harmonious society.

Addressing a public rally at Serchhip town today, Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee Dr Lalmalsawma Nghaka said “India is broadly divided into two camps – one led by the world’s richest political party BJP whose ulterior motives are to establish a Hindu nation and forcefully implement the Uniform Civil Code to meet that end. On the other camp, whose relentless struggle for India’s independence led the nation to freedom, and its allies.”

The call to action resounds loud and clear: it is now imperative for the people to unite, defy the BJP’s oppressive reign, and safeguard the cherished values of secularism that have long defined our great nation.

Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee treasurer Dr Lalmalsawma Nghaka, while addressing a public meeting at Serchhip town, said India is currently divided into two broad camps – one commandeered by the world’s richest political party BJP and its allies, whose objective is to establish Hindu kingdom and implement the Uniform Civil Code. On the other side is Congress party that fought for India Independence and its allies.

“The Congress party is committed to safeguarding religious freedom in India, ensuring that individuals can freely practice their chosen faith without any disruptions. It is high time to consider which sides we will take with: will we continue to align ourselves with those whose primary objective is to eliminate religious minorities?,” he said.

Referring to the ethnic violence occurring in neighboring Manipur, Nghaka expressed, “Our fellow ethnic brethren and sisters are suffering from religious persecutions during the BJP administration. Numerous churches have been set ablaze, and these acts of aggression signify that the violence extends beyond ethnic boundaries. Our religious beliefs are being targeted.”

“We currently have a Chief Minister who is an ally of the BJP within the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA). Regrettably, he has not uttered a single word in support of our brethren in Manipur,” he stated.

“Moreover, we have three Chief Ministers in the Northeast who follow the Christian faith. However, since all three of these Chief Ministers are allied with the BJP, they have refrained from expressing their support for the Christians in Manipur. The only force that the BJP cannot control is the Congress party. Significant non-BJP parties from across India are joining forces to overthrow the BJP. Are you aligning yourself with them?”

Meanwhile, Mizoram Pradesh Congress president Lalsawta, while speaking at the ‘Aizawl City Congress Operation E-Roll Training & Briefing’ held at Lal Thanhawla Auditorium, Congress Bhawan, today, emphasised the importance of all Indian citizens, regardless of their caste or religion, living together harmoniously. 

“Congress party is reviving in central India and Mizoram to rebuil India of the past where Unity in Diversity was the slogan,” he said.

He further warned about the consequences of a non-Congress victory in the upcoming state assembly elections. Lalsawta believed that if a party allied with the BJP were to regain power, it would pose a threat to the Mizos’ cultures and religions. He emphasised the need to prevent this scenario.

Lal Thanzara, the younger brother of former Congress leader Lal Thanhawla, also addressed the training programme. He voiced his concerns that the continued rule of the BJP in India would lead Mizoram to fall victim to communal forces. Lal Thanzara highlighted that even if the MNF or ZPM formed the government in Mizoram, it would mean having BJP allies, which he deemed undesirable.

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