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Congress promises Rs 15 lakh healthcare scheme

Aizawl: Karnataka’s Energy Minister K J George assured the people of Mizoram that the Congress, if elected to power, would make healthcare accessible to all citizens by providing up to 15 lakhs of rupees under their health insurance plan.

Additionally, George declared that individuals suffering from severe illnesses like cancer would receive financial support of up to 5 crores. He also emphasized that gas cylinders would be made available at a subsidized rate of Rs. 750 for families falling under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category, similar to the initiatives undertaken in Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.

George, who is canvassing for Congress in poll-bound Mizoram, addressed a press conference at Aijal Club today. 

He accused the BJP of employing “brute force to curb dissent, infringing on religious freedom, eroding the cultural identity of states, and systematically undermining the independence of institutions.”

George highlighted the disruptive activities of the BJP in Karnataka, where they made strenuous efforts to disrupt the social fabric of the state, targeting minorities and even vandalising places of worship.

He commended the transformative role played by the Bharat Jodo Yatra in healing the wounds inflicted by the BJP and bringing hope for change to the people of Karnataka, drawing from his personal experience walking in the yatra.

George highlighted the Congress’s historical contributions to the development of Bengaluru into the country’s IT hub, which generated millions of jobs for people nationwide. 

He pledged that the Congress would implement essential policies for the overall growth and development of Mizoram, focusing on initiatives to enhance agriculture, horticulture, and support for startups to boost employment opportunities within the state.

“The Congress party is committed to preserving the unique identity of Mizoram and fulfilling its promises to the people of the state,” George said.

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