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Crystal meth worth over Rs 60 crore seized in Aizawl in two days

Crystal meth seized at Lengpui Airport and its alleged owner


Aizawl: Mizoram Police officials seized 11 kilos and 600 grams of Crystal Meth (crystalised and not in tablets) and arrested a 37-year-old Myanmar national on Wednesday night at Zemabawk East neighbourhood in Aizawl.

A press statement issued by the IGP (Headquarters) and Chief Information and Public Relations Officer of the state Police department said, “On the evening of October 4, at around 7:00PM, Aizawl District Special Branch (DSB) team intercepted one vehicle bearing registration number MZ 01- 7001 (Tata Intra) at Zemabawk East and seized 11kilos and 600 grams of Crystal Meth worth Rs. 34 Crores from the illegal possession of Ropianga (37), a resident of Khawmawi in Myanmar”. 

A case was registered at Bawngkawn Police Station under section 22 (c)/25 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 read with section 14 Foreigners Act, 1946 was registered for further investigation and necessary legal action.

The statement said that the Police department is making all out efforts in the fight against drug menace, to ensure peaceful and smooth conduct of General Legislative Assembly Election of Mizoram, 2023.

Earlier on Tuesday, Mizoram Police’s ANTF (Anti-Narcotics Task Force) unit seized 10 kilos and 400 grams of Crystal Meth, worth around Rs 31 crore in the international market, from the baggage of a 38-year-old woman identified as a Myanmar national at the lone Lengpui airport near Aizawl.

The woman, Lalremthangi is now working at a Spa in Delhi and have been travelling between Delhi and Myanmar, Police statement said, adding that, this time, she smuggled the contraband from Myanmar and was trying to sell it to its final destination from Delhi.

She was arrested and booked under relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 as well as Foreigners Act, 1946.

Meanwhile, Khiangte said on Thursday that the state Police officials have seized 57 kilos and 939 grams of heroin since January till September 30 this year and have arrested 252 people.

He said that the department officials also have seized 93 kilos and 701 grams of Methamphetamine during the same period and have arrested 24 people. The state Police have also seized 4 kilos and 918 grams of opium and 112 kilos and 731 grams of Ganja (cannabis) during the same period. 

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