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Daring escape and intriguing reappearance: Prisoner’s Houdini act exposes prison security flaws

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Aizawl: In a stunning turn of events, a 24-year-old prisoner, Vanrampana, managed to break free from the confines of the Siaha district jail in southern Mizoram, only to resurface at the Aizawl Central Jail on Friday, September 15, to visit a fellow inmate who happened to be a friend, was rearrested and escaped again. 

This audacious escape and subsequent disappearance from the clutches of the police have left authorities and the public bewildered while shedding light on security lapses within the prison system.

Vanrampana’s escapade began on September 9 when he successfully eluded the authorities at the Siaha district jail. Despite a relentless pursuit by police, he cunningly reemerged at the Aizawl Central Jail, appearing as a visitor to a comrade behind bars.

Alert jail guards, noticing the visitor’s suspicious demeanor and appearance, apprehended him and handed him over to the jailer for further scrutiny. Subsequent communications with Siaha jail authorities confirmed that Vanrampana was indeed the same inmate who had made his escape earlier in the month.

He was handed over the Zonuam Police Station in western Aizawl, and the responsibility of returning the escapee to the Siaha district jail fell upon their shoulders. However, Friday night brought another surprising twist, as Vanrampana managed to slip away from police custody once again.

As of Sunday noon, Vanrampana remains at large, continuing to evade authorities. This astonishing series of events not only raises questions about the prison system’s security but also showcases the daring and elusive nature of the young prisoner’s exploits. 

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