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Family man seeks refuge in Mizoram, meets untimely death

Covered with Paite puan, the coffin of Lammuanthang begins its journey back to Lamka

Aizawl: In a desperate bid to protect his beloved family from the ravages of ethnic violence in Manipur, he embarked on a journey to Mizoram, seeking solace and safety. Little did he know that the very place he sought refuge would become the tragic site of his untimely demise.

At the tender age of 39, this internally displaced person from Manipur met his unfortunate end early on Monday morning (July 10), succumbing to a fatal accident in Sihphir village, 15 kilometers north of Aizawl. His lifeless body now begins its solemn journey back to Lamka (Churachandpur), Manipur.

Around 6:00am today, tragedy struck when Lammuanthang endeavoured to repair the leaking roof of his humble rented house. It was during this work that he fell victim to a fatal electrocution, leaving behind his wife, Nemngaihlian, who was five months pregnant with their child.

Lammuanthang and his wife were among the 12,000 internally displaced persons seeking shelter in Mizoram, driven from their homeland by the bitter strife that plagued neighbouring Manipur. Their hopes for safety and respite were overshadowed by the cruel twist of fate that awaited them.

His body was transported to the premises of the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) office, in Aizawl. It was here that compassionate hands crafted his final resting place and performed a simple yet deeply meaningful religious ceremony.

The YMA, a beacon of support and solidarity, serves as a temporary haven for the displaced from Manipur. From this refuge, the people are distributed to various localities within the compassionate embrace of Aizawl.

With great reverence, Lammuanthang’s mortal remains, cradled within a dignified coffin, now begin their solemn journey to the Kanan neighborhood in Lamka town. It is there, amidst a Christian funeral ceremony, that his loved ones will bid him a tearful farewell and lay him to rest in eternal peace. The YMA, embodying the spirit of benevolence, shoulders the burdensome expenses of transporting his coffin from Aizawl to Lamka, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

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