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FIR filed against Muallungthu polling official

Aizawl: An FIR was filed by the Mizoram election department on Monday against the presiding officer of Muallungthu polling station within Aizawl South-3 assembly constituency as instructed by the Election Commission of India, state election department officials said on Tuesday.

The officials said that the complaint was submitted to the Kulikawn Police Station in southern part of the capital Aizawl city where a criminal case of forgery was registered against the presiding officer Lalremmawia Colney, Deputy Director of state Agriculture department.   

Colney was earlier suspended on Saturday and departmental proceedings initiated against him. The central poll panel is of the opinion that the offence he committed while conducting the polling in Muallungthu polling station on November 7, the day polling for election to the 40-member state legislative assembly was held, was also of criminal in nature and has to be investigated by police.

It was discovered that there were some serious lapses in Muallungthu polling station on polling day (November 7) resulting in the central poll panel instructing conduct of re-polling in the polling station.

State election department officials said that mock poll was conducted by polling officials and election agents to ensure that the EVM to be used for the polling ran smoothly.

When polling began at 7 AM, the EVM used for mock poll was used when electors casted their votes without deletion of votes already polled in the mock poll, the officials said.

The presiding officer Colney, when finding that more votes have been polled in the EVM than the number of votes in the register of voters of the polling station, rather than informing higher authorities, reportedly resorted to cover-up the unintentional lapse by adding names of more voters and by forging signatures of the ‘additional’ voters.

When the matter was discovered by the election department authorities, it was forwarded to the ECI and the ECI in turn not only instructed for a re-poll, but also directed the state government to initiate departmental proceedings against Colney for alleged breach of official duty and fabrication of documents in the Muallungthu polling station.

Re-polling in the polling station was undertaken on Friday (November 10). 

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