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First vehicle entered Aizawl 81 years ago today

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Aizawl: Eighty years ago today (September 10), a young man drove the first motored vehicle into Aizawl, which was then a small hill station. 
A biography of Rochhinga, who died in 2011 at the age of 92, narrates about how he brought a vehicle into Mizoram, one of the most challenging feats of that time.
Rochhinga, a 23-year-old then, had to face a lot of hardships in bringing a Chevrolet mini-truck to Aizawl. He had to dismantle the vehicle at Dwarbond in Assam’s Cachar district before loading it on boats. After travelling for several days, he finally reached Sairang village on the banks of the Tlawng river. He, then, assembled the truck again and drove to Aizawl.
“Assembling the truck took me a whole month,” Rochhinga was quoted as saying in his biography.
At that time, the road between Sairang and Aizawl, now one of the best roads in the state, could be traversed only on foot or bullock carts. Those days, vehicle had neverd travelled on this road.
The day when Rochhinga entered Aizawl driving the vehicle, almost everybody came out of their houses to witness this unprecedented event. Some boys were even seen chasing the truck and Rochhinga was revered as a demi-god.
The superintendent of Lushai Hills (now Mizoram) was said to have issued a prohibitory order on that day asking the people not to fetch firewood closer than a furlong from the main road, from Sairang to Aizawl, as “the impact of the running vehicle might knock them off the road”.
Eighty years on, now Aizawl is home to over 2 lakh vehicles traversing on the narrow roads, causing huge traffic snarls on a daily basis.
According to Mizoram Transport Department data, till March this year, 3,12,952 vehicles were registered in Mizoram of which 63.88 percent (2,17,389) are registered in Aizawl district district.
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