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Following Zoramthanga’s counsel, ITLF concedes to meeting Amit Shah

Aizawl: Following consultations with Mizoram’s Chief Minister, Zoramthanga, the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) of Manipur has willingly accepted an invitation for discussions with Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

According to sources close to Chief Minister Zoramthanga, Amit Shah on Saturday extended an invitation to the ITLF leaders to engage in talks in Delhi. After careful consideration and seeking guidance from Zoramthanga, the ITLF leaders have agreed to accept Shah’s invitation. The scheduled talks are slated to take place on Monday (August 7) in New Delhi.

In light of Shah’s invitation for discussions, the ITLF leaders convened a day-long meeting on Saturday, acknowledging the gravity of the decision at hand. True to their practice during critical issues, they turned to Chief Minister Zoramthanga for advice, who holds a respected position as a fatherly figure among the Zo ethnic tribes across the region.

Zoramthanga conveyed to the ITLF leaders that they should embrace the opportunity for face-to-face discussions with the Union Home Minister rather than declining the offer. He emphasised the value of directly presenting their concerns, as per a reliable source.

The ITLF delegation is set to depart from Manipur for New Delhi on Sunday (August 6), with the talks scheduled for Monday.

In a previous instance, Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s timely intervention thwarted a potential outbreak of violence on August 3. This intervention occurred when the ITLF’s plan to conduct burials for 35 Kuki-Zo tribals, who had lost their lives in ethnic clashes in Manipur, was met with strong opposition from Meitei groups.

Upon the request of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the ITLF had initially agreed to delay the burial program by five days. This agreement was reached following Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s personal appeal.

ITLF is an apex body of recognised Kuki-Zo tribes in Manipur.

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