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Former Army Brigadier donates ambulance to Mizoram village his family has six-decade ties with


Aizawl: In the face of loss and grief, we often find solace in commemorating the lives of our loved ones and well-to-do families spend lakhs of rupees for funeral expense. 

Brigadier B S Gill, Vir Chakra, exemplified the essence of such remembrance when he made a selfless decision that touched the hearts of many. In loving memory of his late wife, Kamal Gill, who departed from this world on March 11, Brigadier Gill chose to take a remarkable path of compassion and generosity.

Embarking on a poignant journey, spanning over 3500 kilometers from his home in Chandigarh, northern India, Brigadier Gill arrived in Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram. From there, he continued his voyage, venturing another 400 kilometers to reach the humble village of Diltlang in the picturesque Lunglei district.

In a gesture that transcends mere material value, Brigadier Gill donated an ambulance worth a staggering sum of Rs 20 lakh to this remote hillside village. This act of kindness holds profound significance, as Diltlang holds a special place in his heart. It was here, amidst the tumultuous Mizoram Insurgency of 1972, that he served as an Army post commander.

The people of Diltlang, deeply moved by Brigadier Saheb’s benevolence, warmly embraced him by adhering to their cherished Mizo tradition. Carrying him in a palanquin, they honoured him with utmost reverence and gratitude.

The roots of the Gill family’s connection with the village extend back over six decades. 

Nachhatar Singh Gill, Brigadier Gill’s late father, served as a class one contractor engaged in road construction and infrastructure development work in the then Mizo Hills district from 1954 to 1959. Twelve years later, Brigadier Gill himself donned the uniform of an army officer, serving from 1971 to 1973. 

The legacy continued when, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, his son, Jagminder S Gill, served as a young army officer with 1 Assam Rifles (Lushai Hills Bn) from 2002 to 2004.

Reflecting upon the purpose behind their noble donation, Brigadier Gill shared, “We wanted to help the people of this area, so we thought: what could be a better tribute than presenting an ambulance to this village?”

In response to this act of magnanimity, the Young Lai Association (YLA) members of Diltlang village expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Gill family. They conveyed, “Firstly, on behalf of all Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Village Council, Churches, and the Villagers of Diltlang, we would like to thank you for your generosity and kindness. Actually, words cannot express our gratitude and how grateful and thankful we are for your love and support.”

While initially planning to donate an ambulance, Brigadier Gill’s thoughtful consideration extended even further. Responding to the requests of local residents, who recognised the need for versatility, he fulfilled their wishes by presenting a Bolero camper. This multifunctional vehicle will not only serve as an ambulance during emergencies but also aid in the transportation of essential resources such as firewood, water, and vegetables.

Brigadier B. S. Gill, Vir Chakra, has left an indelible mark on the lives of the people of Diltlang. His selfless act of compassion, a heartfelt tribute to his departed wife, has not only alleviated the suffering of the underprivileged but also fostered a sense of unity and love within the community. In the midst of darkness, he has illuminated countless lives with a ray of hope, reminding us all of the enduring power of humanity and the bonds that connect us all.

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