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How ghosthunting unfolds murder

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In a surprising turn of events, ghosthunters have helped Aizawl Police in solving a perplexed murder case.

The incident unfolded during a livestream of a ghost hunting expedition on YouTube by two brothers who ventured into jhumlands near the Tlawng River in Dihmunzawl on Friday (June 30) night. In a spine-chilling twist reminiscent of a thriller movie, one of the ghosthunters stumbled upon a decomposed body, sending shivers down their spines as well as those of their online viewers.

The hair-raising encounter occurred around midnight, leaving the ghosthunters astounded. “We have explored eerie surroundings many times before, and I was never scared. But stumbling upon a lifeless body was something I had never expected. It startled me like nothing else,” recounted one of the ghosthunters.

Without wasting a moment, they promptly informed the Aizawl police, who swiftly arrived at the scene. Subsequent forensic examinations revealed signs of foul play, prompting the police to launch a full-scale investigation.

The deceased was identified as Vanlallawma, a 55-year-old, a resident Lunglei Rahsi veng. He had suffered a blunt force injury to the back of his head, police said.

Following an extensive manhunt, the police apprehended two prime suspects—a man and a woman—at 1:00 pm on Saturday. Police said both suspects have confessed to the crime. 

“We already had enough evidence to nail them,” stated a police official, who also revealed that the motive behind the murder was jealousy.

The police arrested Lalroliana, 43, and his partner Lalsiampuii, 40, from Seling, about 40 km east of Aizawl as they were fleeing. They were produced before court on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Vanlallawma was accorded decent burial at Lunglei Rahsi Veng on Sunday.

What is Ghosthunting?

Ghosthunters are renowned for their exploration of places steeped in haunted tales and ghost sightings. These daring expeditions, often conducted during the late hours, are livestreamed on YouTube, captivating a large audience of thrill-seekers.

Among these ghosthunters, siblings Angaiha and Sena stand out as the most popular. Their YouTube channel, Sena Paranormal, has garnered a substantial following as they livestream their encounters with eerie locations.

According to the siblings, they receive anonymous tips about haunted places from their viewers. Selecting locations from these suggestions, they embark on late-night expeditions to explore these areas, all while broadcasting their experiences to their dedicated audience. This particular venture marked their third visit to the site, with nothing unusual noticed on their previous visits.

However, one on ocassion, the ghosthunters encountered not apparitions or a lifeless body but local authorities while livestreaming on their channel.

The incident took place serene outskirts of Aizawl, with a tranquil cemetery serving as the backdrop.

As seen in the video footage, the local authorities appeared visibly agitated by the cemetery’s reputation as a haunted site. One among them could be heard angrily shouting at the ghosthunters, “Our cemetery is not haunted. There are no ghosts here.”

The ghosthunters were eventually released, but not before extending a formal apology to the local authorities.

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