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K Vanlalvena seeks adjournment on Manipur for third time

Aizawl: K. Vanlalvena, the lone Rajya Sabha member from Mizoram said that he submitted plea for adjournment motion on Manipur situation to Rajya Sabha chairman Jagdeep Dhankar for the third time on Wednesday.
Vanlalvena told the Zoram Chronicle over phone from Delhi that he has submitted his appeal for adjournment motion seeking discussion of the ongoing Manipur violence in the Parliament under rule 267 along with 41 other MPs on Wednesday.
“I, along with some NDA members, also submitted appeal for short discussion on Manipur violence under rule 176,” he said.
He said that he went down before the chairman verbally asking for time to make a speech on the Manipur issue.
“I said that I should be given a chance to speak on Manipur violence which had claimed over 100 tribal people who are my brothers and sisters while over 300 churches were burned to the ground in the Manipur ethnic violence,” he said, adding that he returned to his seat only after the chairman repeatedly asked him to do so.
He said that for the first time after becoming MP, he shouted slogans in the well of the house demanding discussion on the strife-torn Manipur.
Vanlalvena has sought adjournment motion on the Manipur violence soon after the Parliament session began which the chairman repeatedly rejected as the logjam in both houses of the Parliament continued unabated.
He said that he will continue to seek the chance to speak on Manipur issue as long as the session continues as he is the lone ethnic Mizo voice in the upper house of the Parliament. 

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