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Kaipeng tribe donates Rs 1 lakh for Manipur kindred

Aizawl: Central Young Kaipeng Association (CYPA), organisation of ethnic Mizos in Tripura and Mizoram Kaipeng Welfare contributed Rs 1 lakh for providing humanitarian relief to their kindred brothers and sisters in Manipur who have been undergoing critical times due to the ongoing ethnic-strife.

The two associations handed over the money to the leaders of the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) in Aizawl on Saturday.

CYPA leaders expressed anguish over the way the Manipur government take steps against their kindred brothers inhabiting in the hill areas of Manipur.

Earlier, other ethnic Mizo organisations of Ranglong and Molsom in Tripura have also contributed for the same purpose.

On Friday, Hrangkhol Welfare Society (HWS) of Zion, Haflong in Assam’s Cachar Hills handed over Rs. 2.10 lakh to the central committee of the YMA for providing assistance to ethnic tribal Mizo community who have been facing extreme hardships in Manipur.

Meanwhile, the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) of Manipur taking shelter in the state, which had come down to a little over 11,000 again rose to 12,017, state home department officials said.

The officials said that while 9,469 people join their relatives and friends or live in rented houses, 2,548 IDPs are lodged in 34 relief camps across the state. 

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