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Lamka district hospital receives medical supplies worth Rs 5 lakh from Mizoram

Aizawl: In a display of solidarity and compassion, Mizoram’s support for its conflict-ridden neighbour Manipur continues to flow, with Lamka (Churachandpur) once again receiving a significant contribution in the form of medical supplies worth Rs. 5 lakh from Mizoram.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum, based in Manipur, released a statement confirming the benevolent action. According to sources, the health and family welfare department of Mizoram has generously contributed medicines and medical provisions valued at Rs. 5 lakh to the district hospital in Lamka. The delivery of these essential supplies took place on Thursday and was confirmed by sources on Friday.

Among the donated supplies, medical authorities received over Rs. 2 lakh worth of dialysis consumables, a crucial resource for patients battling chronic kidney diseases.

The monetary contributions pooled for these vital supplies included Rs. 2 lakh contributed by numerous doctors employed across various hospitals within the state.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF), in a press release on Friday, expressed deep gratitude to both the Mizoram government and the people of the state for their steadfast support in aiding the Kuki-Zo tribals in Manipur during this critical period.

As Manipur grapples with ongoing ethnic clashes near the border between the Imphal valley and hill areas, the situation has led to the displacement of 246 internally displaced people (IDPs) from Manipur over the past 24 hours. Seeking refuge, they have found shelter in Mizoram. This recent influx has brought the total number of IDPs seeking sanctuary within Mizoram to 12,880 individuals. Out of these, 9,899 have found solace with relatives, friends, or in rented accommodations, while the remaining 2,981 individuals have been accommodated in 38 relief camps scattered across the state.

Prior to this, Mizoram’s medical fraternity had already contributed medicines and financial aid to the district hospital, underlining the community’s unwavering commitment to assisting those in need during challenging times.”

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