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Manipur crisis would not affects BJP’s prospects in Mizoram, says state president

Mizoram unit BJP president Vanlalhmuaka

Aizawl: BJP Mizoram unit president Vanlalhmuaka on Friday asserted that the ethnic violence in Manipur would not hinder his party’s chances in the forthcoming state assembly elections. Displaying unwavering confidence, he expressed his belief that the BJP would secure a place in Mizoram’s next government.

Vanlalhmuaka’s resolute statement followed the resignation of his vice-president Vanramchhuanga, which occurred a day earlier, in response to the attacks on Christian churches in BJP-ruled Manipur, following the eruption of ethnic violence on May 3.

The Kuki-Zomi communities, who are at the receiving end of these violent clashes, share the same ethnic background as the Mizos. In a show of solidarity, the Chief Minister of Mizoram, alongside various political parties and civil society organisations, has expressed support for the tribal communities in Manipur.

Talking Zoram Chronicle, Vanlalhmuaka stated that his party would be willing to form post-poll alliances with any political party in the state, except the Congress, to establish the next government.

Vanlalhmuaka confidently declared, “The BJP will secure a double-digit number of seats in the upcoming Mizoram Legislative Assembly elections this year. Even if we cannot form the government independently, I am certain that the BJP will unquestionably be part of the new administration by December 2023.”

Addressing concerns about the situation in neighbouring Manipur, which is ruled by the BJP, potentially affecting the state BJP unit’s prospects in the forthcoming polls, Vanlalhmuaka emphasised that there is still a five-month gap before the elections to rectify the situation. He expressed trust in the central leadership, believing that they would find an amicable solution to the Manipur issue.

Recent village council elections serve as a political indicator, showing that the BJP has made significant inroads in the Siaha district of southern Mizoram, particularly in the Siaha and Palak assembly constituencies, where the party opened its account during the 2018 state assembly elections.

With Dr. K. Beichhua, who resigned as Minister of State late last year, expressing his intention to join the BJP and contest from his home turf, the Siaha seat, the saffron party’s chances of winning in the constituency are expected to improve.

However, the Tuichawng assembly seat, previously won by the lone BJP legislator Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma in the 2018 polls, presents a challenge as Chakma announced his retirement from active politics and decision not to contest any future elections.

Vanlalhmuaka assured that the party would identify a popular candidate to replace Chakma in the seat.

By offering greater autonomy for the three autonomous district councils – Mara, Lai, and Chakma – the BJP has been successful in garnering support from minority communities, bolstering its confidence in winning in the southern parts of Mizoram.

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