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Manipur fallout: Mizoram BJP vice-president resigns

 Aizawl: In a powerful act of protest against the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, R Vanramchhuanga, the vice president of the BJP unit in Mizoram, has tendered his resignation. 

Holding both the Manipur government and the central government, both led by the saffron party, responsible for the prolonged unrest in the neighbouring state, Vanramchhuanga submitted his resignation letter to the state BJP president, Vanlalhmuaka, on Thursday.

Expressing deep concern over the recent outbreak of ethnic conflict, Vanramchhuanga highlighted the devastating toll it has taken on the Christian community. According to his resignation letter, Meitei militants have ruthlessly burnt down 357 Christian churches, pastor quarters, and office buildings associated with different churches during the past two months. He accused the central government of turning a blind eye to these “horrifying acts of violence.”

Vanramchhuanga further pointed out that Manipur State Chief Minister N. Biren Singh did not attribute the attacks against Christians and churches, while even Union Home Minister Amit Shah, during his visit to Manipur, refrained from condemning the burning of these religious structures. Surprisingly, the central government has remained silent, failing to express any condemnation for the burning of over 300 Christian churches to date, he said.

“I firmly believe that the massive demolition of Christian churches in Manipur was supported by the state and central authorities,” Vanramchhuanga stated. He went on to say, “To protest against this act of criminal injustice to the Christians and the Christian religion, I hereby submit my resignation as the State Vice President of the BJP Mizoram Pradesh, with immediate effect.”

Speaking to Zoram Chronicle, Vanramchhuanga shared his unwavering conviction that the actions and inactions of the BJP-led government at the center and the BJP government led by N. Biren Singh indicated their endorsement of these attacks on religious minorities. 

He firmly stated that he could no longer hold a significant position within the BJP or even remain as a primary member of a party that condones violence against Christians and their places of worship, as evidenced by the large-scale burning of church buildings.

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