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Manipur Violence: Young Mizo Association (YMA) expresses outrage over brutal murder

The central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA), an umbrella organisation representing Mizos in Mizoram and other regions, voiced deep anger on Monday regarding the heinous murder of an ethnic Mizo individual in Manipur.

Although not explicitly mentioning the victim, David Thiek, who was mercilessly beheaded by a Meitei mob in the early hours of July 2 in Langza village, Churachandpur district, the YMA deemed the incident a “flagrant disregard for human dignity” and incomprehensible.

The YMA strongly condemned the ongoing violence in the neighbouring state persisting for 61 days, expressing profound sorrow for the lives lost and the displacement suffered by many due to the clashes.

In a joint meeting held at Aizawl on Monday, the central committee of the YMA and the leaders of the Manipur-based Mizo People’s Convention (MPC) concluded that the current crisis requires a unified approach among all kindred brothers.

It was agreed that decisions should be made through consultations involving all relevant stakeholders, rather than being solely driven by any single organisation. 

Sensing the growing anger of the people by continued and prolonged attacks against the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar community in the hill areas of Manipur, some civil societies and student associations in the state expressed the fear that the violence may spillover in Mizoram and neighboring states.

This anger is justified, as the Mizos in Mizoram and the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar community in Manipur are closely related, sharing a common culture, identity, and ancestry.

Meanwhile, as of 5:00pm on Monday, the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) seeking refuge in Mizoram has reached 12,301, according to officials from the state’s home department.

The officials noted that while more IDPs have arrived and sought shelter in the state, a significant number have returned to their homes or relocated to other parts of the country to continue their studies.

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