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Mistaken identity puts Mizoram professor’s life at risk

Associate professor Lalthangliana. No murderer

In a startling incident, a professor from Mizoram has found himself in a perilous situation after being mistaken for the David Ṭhiek murder accused. 

The mistaken identity stemmed from a video of a man walking around a shopping mall in Delhi went viral in Mizoram, with a caption falsely identifying him as the individual responsible for beheading David Ṭhiek.

The man in the video, however, is none other than Lalthangliana, an associate professor at Lunglei Govt College in Mizoram’s southern town of Lunglei. As the video circulated rapidly, Lalthangliana’s life was put at risk due to the erroneous accusation against him.

Taking to social media to clear the air and dispel the grave misconception, Lalthangliana stated, “This is me in the video. It is truly unfortunate that I was mistaken for someone else who is accused of gruesome murder. The viral video puts my own life at risk. If anything happens to me, those who spread the video will be responsible.”

Lalthangliana had traveled to Delhi to seek admission for his son, but little did he know that this innocent trip would lead to such a dangerous misunderstanding. His family back in Mizoram expressed deep concern for his safety and made a heartfelt appeal to the public to spread the truth on social media.

The victim in the murder case, David Thiek, was a Hmar village volunteer in the conflict-torn Manipur. Tragically, he was allegedly beheaded by Meitei miscreants while he was guarding his village. The identification of the primary suspect was claimed to have been confirmed through photos on social media, leading to the mistaken association with the associate professor.

The striking resemblance between the alleged murderer and the innocent associate professor was the unfortunate twist of fate that triggered this distressing chain of events. 

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