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Mizoram BJP picks Rahul speech to attack Cong

Aizawl: Mizoram unit BJP has capitalised on Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Paris where he said “there is nothing Hindu about BJP’s actions” to attack Mizoram PCC president Lalsawta.

“The Mizoram BJP would like to request MPCC president Lalsawta to listen to what Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said in Paris and stop baselessly branding BJP as ‘anti-Christian'”,” the BJP said in a press release today.

Rahul Gandhi, while addressing students and academicians in Paris, has clearly said that there is nothing Hindu about what the BJP does, the party release said.

“I have read the Gita, I have read a number of Upanishads, I have read many Hindu books; there is nothing Hindu about what the BJP does, absolutely nothing…..They are not Hindu nationalists. They have nothing to do with Hinduism,” the BJP released quoted Gandhi. 

As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has declared before the world that Hinduism has nothing to do with BJP, the Congress leaders and party members should stop spreading the usual baseless propagandas that BJP is Hindu nationalist party and anti-Christian, the release said.

The BJP’s ultimate goal is to make India one of the greatest world powers. During the last nine years, Mizoram has been blessed with BJP-led government’s various development programmes, it said.

“If Congress is reluctant to praise Mr Modi, they at least stop launching attacks on the BJP based on baseless propaganda, and also read history books to understand how Congress had caused damage to the country during the last 60 years,” the release added.

However, if one goes through the entire speech of Rahul Gandhi, it may be undestood that what he accused the BJP of doing were not part of Hinduism.

Gandhi also said that he have not read anywhere, in no Hindu book, from no learned Hindu person have he ever heard that you should terrorise, harm people who are weaker than you. 

“So, this idea, this word, Hindu nationalists, this is a wrong word. They are not Hindu nationalists. They have nothing to do with Hinduism. They are out to get power at any cost, and they will do anything to get power… They want dominance of a few people and that is what they are about. There is nothing Hindu about them,” the Congress leader said.

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