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Mizoram Church appeals for peace in Manipur

     File photo: Synod Office, Aizawl

Presbyterian Church of India’s Mizoram Synod on Monday expressed pain and anguish over the ethnic violence in Manipur where a large number of people lost their lives and Christian churches, church offices and residential quarters were burned down. 

A statement issued by the largest church in the state said that killing of people including innocent civilians and even children is against the teachings of the Bible and the church condemned the perpetrators of such gruesome acts.

The church described torching, destructing and desecration of church buildings as violation of ‘Right to Freedom of Religion’ as enshrined in the Indian Constitution, and condemned the miscreants involved in such blasphemy.  

Mizoram Synod of the Presbyterian Church urged the central government and the Manipur government to immediately restore peace and normalcy in the neighboring state so that the people can resume worshipping God in their respective places of worship.   

 “The church members in Mizoram have been offering prayers since the violence began on May 3 and the church appealed to its members to continue offering prayers,” the statement said.

In accordance with the appeals made by the Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), conglomerate of major churches in the state, the Presbyterian Church Mizoram Synod appealed to the people to organize mass prayers on Sunday (July 9) in all their respective local churches.

The church members are asked to pray for restoration of peace and normalcy in Manipur, relatives of those who lost their lives, homes and properties and for non-recurrence of violation of freedom of religion.

The church also appealed to pray for non-implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country as the enforcement of UCC will harm the integrity and unity of the nation while it will not be safe for minority communities. 

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