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Mizoram Congress chief lashes out at BJP, calls for anti-BJP alliance in state

 MPCC president Lalsawta

Aizawl: Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Lalsawta on Thursday said that the country, particularly Mizoram, is currently enduring its darkest and most challenging period since Independence, all due to the governance of the BJP.

In a press conference held at Aizawl Congress Bhavan, Lalsawta blamed the “fascist BJP government” at the Center for unleashing “a cyclone that threatens the religious and cultural rights of minorities in India”. He went on to lament that India is now perceived as one of the most perilous countries for Christians globally.

Lalsawta highlighted the proposal to legislate and implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), which he believes aims to eradicate the unique culture and traditions of minority communities by imposing the majority community’s norms upon them.

Amidst this crisis, opposition parties have united to form the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) in an effort to safeguard the nation. Lalsawta expressed concern over the devastating impact of the cyclone on Manipur.

The Congress leader extended condolences to the Mizo brethren in Manipur, who have been facing violence and loss of homes.

Furthermore, he criticized the passage of the Forest Conservation Amendment Bill, 2023, in both houses of Parliament, asserting that its implementation would lead to environmental destruction, particularly in Mizoram and other northeastern states. He warned that such initiatives are hazardous to the country’s unity and integrity.

Lalsawta appealed to all political parties, civil societies, and churches in the state to unite in an anti-BJP alliance. He urged political parties in the state, which have ties with the BJP through the NDA or NEDA, to sever their connections immediately.

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