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Opposition Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘deafening silence’ on the bloodshed in Manipur while also slamming state Chief Minister Zoramthanga for being “too engrossed” in electioneering while the Zo ethnic areas continued to burn.

The state PCC, in a press statement said that during two months of ethnic clashes in Manipur which began on May 3, over 100 people have died, over a thousand houses including places of worship burned to the ground and over 50,000 internally displaced people are taking refuge in over 1,000 relief camps.

“It is heartening that the general public, the churches and the civil societies have been providing humanitarian relief to the IDPs taking shelter in Mizoram. This humane act is helping unity amongst the Zo kindred tribal community,” the statement said.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were fully engaged in election campaign while Manipur was burning.

The visit of Manipur by Shah did not have any positive impact while Modi preferred to keep complete silence on the violence in the state, not to speak of visiting it, they said.

The state PCC, quoting media reports, said that miscreants belonging to majority Meitei community attacked Langza village on Sunday, the sacred day for the Christians and burned down several homes including a Christian church building.

They said that David Thiek, who was defending the Langza villagers from the attackers, was not only killed, but beheaded and his severed head displayed on the top of a pole at the outskirt of the village.

“While the violence against our kindred Kuki-Zo brothers continues, state Chief Minister Zoramthanga has been busy campaigning in view of the coming state assembly elections as he ‘does not know’ how to handle the situation arising out of the immense sufferings of our kindred brothers in the hill areas of Manipur,” the statement said.

The CM should rather concentrate at this time on the safety and survival of the Kuki-Zo kindred brothers at this crucial moment, the PCC said.

They urged Zoramthanga to ensure safety of the Kuki-Zo brothers in Manipur and take steps to end violence against the ethnic Mizos in the neighboring state.

“If the kindred brothers are not safe in the BJP-ruled state, we demand that his Mizo National Front (MNF) party should part ways with its BJP ally and show that the safety of the people in Mizoram and the ethnic Mizo tribal community is paramount,” the state PCC said.

They also appealed for a common front to defeat the BJP in the next Parliamentary polls in 2024. 

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