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Aizawl, July 4: The ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) in Mizoram, an ally of the BJP both in NDA and NEDA, on Tuesday expressed its opposition to the implementation of the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

In a letter sent to Khetrabasi Biswal, member secretary of the Law Commission of India, MNF president Zoramthanga said, “The MNF Party of Mizoram is in respectful disagreement with the proposed introduction of UCC in the Union Parliament for its implementation throughout the territory of India.”

Zoramthanga said that as provided under Article 371-G of the Constitution of India, made on the basis of the Memorandum of Settlement (Mizo Peace Accord, it has been provided there at that – “no Act of Parliament in respect of – Religious or Social practices of the Mizos, and Mizo customary law and procedure, shall apply to the State of Mizoram unless the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mizoram by a resolution so decides.”  

Since the proposed implementation of UCC throughout the territory of India is in conflict with the religious of social practices of the Mizos and of their customary/personal law which is specifically protected by the above stated Constitutional provision, the said proposal of the NDA Government at the centre as can be seen in the Public Notice, issued on June 4, 2023 cannot be accepted, he said.

He further pointed out that the issue was already considered and discussed on February 14, 2023 by members of the Mizoram State Legislative Assembly in connection with the Official Resolution proposed by the Home Minister, which ran thus – “That this House unanimously resolved to oppose any steps taken or proposed to be taken for enactment of UCC in India.” 

The said Resolution was moved, discussed and thereafter unanimously adopted by the Mizoram State Legislative Assembly for the reasons that the UCC, if enacted, “would disintegrate the country as it was an attempt to terminate the religious or social practices, customary laws, culture and traditions of the religious minorities, including the Mizos.”

“At this stage, I would like to state that though MNF Party is a member of the NEDA and is in support of the policies and programmes of the NDA Government at the Centre as long as those policies and programmes are found to be beneficial for the public at large and particularly for the ethnic minorities in India, however the MNF Party having considered that implementation of UCC is not in the interest of the ethnic minorities of India in general and of the Mizos in particular, the Official Resolution was adopted” Zoramthanga added. 

Meanwhile, Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), conglomerate of leaders of major churches in the state, has also sent a letter to the member secretary of the Law Commission of India on Monday.

“The MKHC by careful scanning of the content of UCC feels that UCC is detrimental to the unity in diversity of Indian culture, religions and customs which our fore runners have dearly hold and cherished, the letter said,” adding, “UCC could be an instrument of oppression and assimilation of the minority communities and religious bodies in our land.”

The church leaders also said that UCC is undeniably undermining the rights and privileges of minority enshrined in Constitution Article 371(G).

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