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Mizoram RS member K Vanlalvena reaffirms his strong stance against UCC

 “UCC is a threat to NE tribals’ safeguard”

Aizawl: K Vanlalvena, the sole representative from Mizoram in the Rajya Sabha, has reaffirmed his strong stance against the contentious Uniform Civil Code (UCC) by submitting a letter to Khetrabasi Biswal, the member secretary of the 22nd Law Commission of India, today in which he expressed his resolute opposition to the introduction and implementation of the Code in the country.

“I categorically and emphatically reject the notion of enforcing a Uniform Civil Code in India, as it is utterly unacceptable for the indigenous tribal communities residing in the northeastern states,” declared Vanlalvena.

Highlighting the distinct historical background of the Mizo people, the parliamentarian emphasised their long-standing existence as a separate entity under their own administration, dating back centuries before the arrival of British rule in India.

“Throughout the 57 years of British administration, the Mizos were never considered a part of India, nor were they included in the Indian national movement. Regrettably, when the British departed in 1947, they left us without any proper settlement, and our homeland was abruptly assimilated into the newly independent India, without any explicit provisions or acknowledgment of Mizoram in the newly drafted Indian Constitution,” lamented Vanlalvena.

Moreover, he emphasised that the Mizo National Front (MNF) had valiantly fought for independence from India for two decades before finally reaching a peaceful accord with the Indian government on June 30, 1986. As a result, Article 371G was incorporated into the Indian Constitution, safeguarding the Mizo people’s rights pertaining to land ownership, social practices, religious customs, customary laws, culture, and traditions.

Vanlalvena vehemently cautioned that the introduction and enforcement of a Uniform Civil Code nationwide would jeopardize the safety and well-being of the Mizo people by nullifying the special provisions enshrined in Article 371(G) of the Indian Constitution. He stressed that Article 371(G) serves as a crucial reminder to the Mizo population, reinforcing their acceptance of Mizoram as an integral part of India.

To further underscore the collective sentiment of the Mizoram state, Vanlalvena highlighted that the state legislative assembly had passed an official resolution on February 14, expressing firm opposition to any prospective measures aimed at enacting the Uniform Civil Code in India.

With his passionate stance and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the rights and identity of the Mizo people, Vanlalvena emerges as a resolute defender of regional autonomy and cultural preservation in the face of proposed legislative changes.

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