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Mizoram sees no development in 5 years: Pawan Sharma

BJP national secretary Pawan Sharma at Atal Bhawan in Aizawl on Monday

Aizawl: BJP National Secretary Pawan Sharma on Monday expressed his concerns about the apparent lack of development in Mizoram over the past five years. 

Sharma, who was speaking at state BJP in office in Aizawl, noted with disappointment that the state’s development landscape remains largely unchanged since began his tenure as incharge of Mizoram five years back.

Sharma pointed out that most of the visible development initiatives in Mizoram are being supported by funds from the central government. 

“I am eagerly to witness significant state government-led development projects in Mizoram,” he said.

Drawing comparisons with Assam, where he also holds national secretary incharge, Sharma reminded the people of Mizoram of the transformative changes witnessed in Assam during the BJP’s rule over the past five years.

The BJP National Secretary accused the Congress party of instilling fear among the citizens of Mizoram by propagating a narrative that portrays the BJP as anti-Christian. He highlighted this as the Congress party’s primary propaganda tactic, alleging that every election, they disseminate fake videos and baseless stories, leading people to develop an unwarranted apprehension of the BJP. This, according to Sharma, has hindered Mizoram’s progress as desired.

He posed a series of questions to the people of Mizoram, asking whether they had experienced any hardships from the BJP-led central government or if they had felt neglected due to their Christian faith. Sharma argued that, on the contrary, Mizoram has not fully benefited from various pro-poor schemes launched by the Prime Minister, asserting that the people of Mizoram deserve access to these schemes.

Sharma stressed the importance of having a capable state government that collaborates effectively with the central government for the holistic development of the state. 

“As Mizoram prepares for the upcoming elections later this year, I urge the electorate to reflect on the stark contrast between the state’s healthcare infrastructure and that of neighbouring Assam. While Assam boasts the All Indian Institute of Medical Science College and three newly inaugurated Medical Colleges, Mizoram lacks a single state-of-the-art medical college,” he said.

Sharma appealed to the people of Mizoram to carefully examine the BJP’s manifesto, which outlines comprehensive schemes aimed at uplifting the state from poverty and promoting its overall growth.”

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