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Mizoram will be first state to bring back Congress to power in NE: Tharoor

Aizawl: Mizoram, which was the last bastion of Congress in the Northeast before the 2018 elections, will be the first state to bring back Congress back Congress to power, opined senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.

Addressing a press conference at Aijal Club here today, Tharoor said he had interacted with several sections of the people and he was confident that the party would be voted back to power.

Tharoor said Mizoram elections on November 7 (Tuesday) would be crucial as it would reflect the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

For the people of Mizoram, it is a matter of protecting their cultures and religion as INC is the only national party that pledges to safeguard India’s Unity in Diversity.

“India has always celebrated difference, congress has always believed in the diversity of India. The BJP pushes an illusory idea of unity based on the notion of one religion and culture. We need to remember that uniformity is not unity,” Tharoor said.

Tharoor added that the people also need to remember that in a few months we will face the national elections. 

“This election is about saving India’s soul. The very Idea of India is under threat. The time to end politics of hatred is here,” he implored.

“Uniform Civil Code is a ghostly apparition. The BJP has not shared any draft of the code with anyone.  No one has seen a draft we cannot support any law which threatens the culture and practices of the many minorities and tribes of the country. Unity does not mean uniformity,” he said. 

Tharoor also accused Zoram People’s Movement, an emerging third force, as an entry point for BJP into Mizoram.

“There is a new party on the horizon, but no one really knows who these people are and how they will govern. Who is behind them? Who is financing them? A vote for ZPM will be a vote for BJP through the backdoor,” he said. 

“In these times it is better to vote for a tried and tested party which knows you and understands your needs. A party which has no unknown shadows lurking in the back,” he added.

Tharoor alleged that Mizoram has suffered under an inefficient govt for five years. 

“It is time for change, and it is important for the party in power to people with experience govern the state. The Congress has experienced people who are qualified and will ensure the overall well-being of the state. We are focused on quality money made and spent in Mizoram,” he said.

Congress is focussed on creating employment in the state where youth unemployment is around 23% which is very high and unacceptable. 

“When we come to power, we will of course fill the current govt job and vacancies but will also work towards acreating an economy which encourages entrepreneurs,” he said. 

The young entrepreneurs Elevate programme aims to give them a Leg up to start an enterprise. These will in turn create more employment for the state. 

Congress party also promises to provide a monthly stipend of Rs.2000 to widows and people with disabilities to ensure a basic dignity of life. 

“We will provide a health coverage of Rs.15 lakh cashless insurance per family. Mizoram has one of thehighest per-capita rates of cancer in the country an additional Rs.5 cr for cancer and other serious ailments,” Tharoor said.

“The BJP has constantly renegaded on its promises when they could get rid of Article what stops them from getting rid of Article 371 (G).” 

“Corruption under BJP has soared which is easily visible in the Transparency index which is based on interviews with businessmen and taxpayers. The BJP Has been using investigative agencies to their benefit,” he said

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