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MLA Nihar Kanti Chakma inspects helipad construction

Tlabung: West Tuipui MLA Nihar Kanti Chakma on Wednesday inspected the helipad construction work in Tlabung and urged the contractor to accelerate their progress to meet the deadline.

Emphasising the critical importance of the helipad, Nihar Kanti Chakma said that many critically ill patients are currently compelled to be transported to better-equipped state hospitals through unreliable water routes, putting lives at risk.

“Completing the project would have potentially saved numerous precious lives,” the five-time MLA conveyed to the contractor. He also expressed his deep disappointment with the sluggish pace of work, which, as it stands, makes it unlikely to meet the scheduled completion date next month.

Nihar Kanti Chakma further highlighted that the delayed progress has led to the cancellation of plans for several high-profile political leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, to visit their constituency ahead of the state’s upcoming elections.

The ongoing renovation of three helipads along the Indo-Bangla border is a strategic move to enhance security in the region, with the Tlabung town helipad being one of them. A budget of 116 lakhs has been allocated for its refurbishment.

During his visit, Nihar Kanti Chakma was accompanied by leaders from both the Tlabung Village Council and the West Tuipui Block Congress Committee.

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