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MNF, Cong, BJP rue over acceptance of Dr Lorrain’s papers

Dr Lorrain Chinzah (circled) after his papers were accepted

Aizawl: Candidates belonging to the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF), Congress and the BJP contesting south Mizoram’s Lawngtlai Assembly constituency on Sunday issued a joint statement condemning the returning officer for the seat Lawngtlai East for accepting nomination of the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) candidate.

The joint statement of H. Biakzaua (MNF), H. Zothangliana (Congress) and N.C. Muankima (BJP) said that they will approach higher authorities on the issue of acceptance of ZPM nominee Dr. Lorrain Lalpekliana Chinzah by the returning officer Abraham Beirazi Kithie.

“The nomination of Chinzah should be rejected if the election laws and rules are followed,” the joint statement said. The three candidates alleged that the RO, said that Chinzah’s nomination papers are technically at fault due to the one of the proposer’s signature being missing. The RO was also accused of saying that if his decision is against the election law, the law will correct him afterwards.

While all the other nominations filed by 173 nominees were cleared in the scrutiny on Saturday, an objection was raised against the nomination paper of Dr. Lorrain Lalpekliana Chinzah, who filed his papers to contest from Lawngtlai East assembly constituency on Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) ticket.

The objection was raised by the election agent of the BJP candidate saying that one of the 10 proposers did not inked his signature. ZPM being a registered party, but not yet recognised by the Election Commission of India, its candidates have to have 10 proposers signing their names.

The scrutiny was adjourned on Saturday evening and resumed on Sunday. In a hearing held before the returning officer (RO) Abraham Beirazi Khithie, the proposer JH Thangliana deposed that he unintentionally neglegted to put his signature.

RO and Assistant Returning Officers admitted that it was a case of purely unintentional oversight on their part. So, the RO Khithie decided to passed the scrutiny of Chinzah. 

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