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MNF still aims for absolute sovereignty, says veteran leader

MNF political training at Neihbawi

Aizawl: Nearly four decades after relinquishing all weaponry to the Indian government, the Mizo National Front (MNF) continues its pursuit of independence, according to a veteran MNF leader.

During a political training session at Neihbawi near here today, former MLA and MNF national core committee member, D Thangliana, shared insights on their unwavering commitment to the cause. He stated, “For 20 years, we fought for independence with arms. Following the Peace Accord’s signing in 1986, we embraced a non-violent approach within the framework of the law to achieve ultimate freedom. Our constitution enshrines this goal – the day of our liberation will surely come. We became part of India without our consent, but the day will dawn when we reclaim our sovereignty.”

“Unlike other political parties, which may primarily strive for power”, Thangliana emphasised that “the MNF’s mission extends beyond merely forming a government; it revolves around the pursuit of absolute freedom.”

He asserted the party’s dedication to safeguarding the Mizos religion and cultures, asserting that this cause remains non-negotiable.

“The MNF takes pride in honouring its martyrs, and firmly believes that their noble efforts have brought us to what we are today,” he said.

Thangliana underlined that the MNF is the torchbearer of Mizo nationalism, leading the charge not only for Mizoram but for all Mizo ethnic tribes in the region. 

“The essence of this identity remains alive to this day, and the MNF vows to remain true to it indefinitely. As long as the MNF exists, Mizo nationalism will continue to burn brightly,” he said.

The political training aimed to galvanise MNF members for the impending state assembly elections. Resource Person Sangkunga Pautu, General Secretary, MNF Gen. Hqrs, assured that the party is leaving no stone unturned to retain power in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections.

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