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Myanmar refugee accused of murder

Aizawl: Myanmar refugee woman, temporarily taking shelter in Mizoram-Myanmar border Champhai town, allegedly killed a 60-year-old man inside Myanmar on Tuesday, leader of a civil society in Zokhawthar said.
The murder suspect Lalrinmuani (33) was taken away by Chin Defence Force (CDF) Hualngoram before irate mob lynch her and her whereabouts is not known.
Reports said that Lalrinmuani had been engaged in currency exchange in the border area and went to Khawmawi village where she and Paumuana (60) were to work out exchange of Indian Rupee and Myanmar Kyat.
At present, Rs 1 Indian rupee is exchanged for around 33 of Myanmar Kyat, a resident in Zokhawthar Indo-Myanmar trade centre said. Khawmawi village is hardly 10 metres from Zokhawthar (India) as the two villages are separated by the border river Tiau.
Lalrinmuani clubbed Paumuana to death while the latter’s younger brother went out of his house to collect more Myanmar currency to complete the exchange, a Young Mizo Association (YMA) leader of Zokhawthar village said.
He said that the motive of the murder seemed to be sheer greed and nothing more.
Earlier, one Myanmar refugee was among the drug traffickers arrested by law enforcement agencies recently.

At present, there are over 31,000 refugees from Myanmar taking shelter in the state due to the February 1, 2021 military coup and continued crackdown on pro-democracy agitators. 

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