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Myanmar refugee held in suspected murder

Aizawl: A 27-year-old Myanmar refugee taking shelter in Mizoram was arrested by the state Police accusing him of murdering and beheading 41-year-old resident of Muallungthu village in Aizawl district, about 19 kilometres south of the capital Aizawl city.

The decomposed body of Lallawmsanga was found on August 3 after Muallungthu village volunteers search for him for days.

His body was discovered near the severed head by the search party, but the Police could not ascertain whether it was a case of homicide or accident before the results of forensic tests are obtained. 

A senior Police official said that the accused Zung Nghin Thang is a Myanmar refugee taking shelter in a relief camp from where he came to work in a jhum (hill paddy cultivation) near Muallungthu village.

A suo moto murder case under section 302 Indian Penal Code (IPC) was registered at Kulikawn Police Station after the Police received forensic test reports and post-mortem examination reports, even in the the official said, adding that Thang has already confessed that he committed the gruesome murder.

The victim Lallawmsanga, who had been living in Muallungthu village for around 5 years, was an industrious person, always spending days and nights in his jhum.

He left the village for his jhum, situated near river Tuirivang, on July 9 and had not being seen since then, one villager of Muallungthu said, adding that Lallawmsanga was hardly in the village as he spent most of his time in his work place.

However, as he was away for so many days, some people went to the jhum and could not find him while his ‘iptepui’ or jungle satchel inside the jhum hut and the search resulted in finding the dead body in the nearby jungle. 

Mizo men usually use a big cotton satchel with a sling while going to the jungle to carry a machete and sometimes vegetables or forest products.

The accused is in custody while the detailed investigation continues. 

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