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MZP says NO to candidature of women married to non-tribals

Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), apex Mizo students’ body, will oppose candidature of women who are married to non-tribal communities, who they said have forsaken their tribal identity by marrying to non-tribals.

MZP President Lalnunmawia Pautu, while addressing the celebrations of ‘Remna Ni’ or peace day by the students’ body in Aizawl on Friday night, said that they received information that some women, married to non-tribal community members have been trying to contest the coming Mizoram assembly elections due by the end of the year.

“The MZP will oppose candidacy of women who married outside the tribal community,” Pautu said.

The MZP appealed to all the political parties not to nominate any women married to non-tribal, whether white men or non-tribal Indians as it would polarize the Mizo society.

“The state legislature being the outcome of revolutionary movement which had cost a number of our brave revolutionaries, we will never allow a non-tribal to have a seat inside the assembly house,” the MZP president said.

Such women may be highly educated and have the capacity to bring development, the state and the people do not need them as they will destroy the social fabric and have the Mizo tribe assimilated.

He said that there are many states where the natives have been decimated to a minority by more developed communities in their own lands and the students would never allow that to happen in Mizoram.

“We will never allow any women married to non-tribal community getting tickets in the elections in the state,” he added.

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