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MZP urges people not vote for Miriam L Hrangchal

Aizawl: Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), the state’s most powerful students’ organisation, reiterated its utmost opposition to candidacy of women who are having non-tribal spouses in the upcoming election to the 40-member Mizoram legislative assembly. 

In a press release, the MZP articulated its concern, emphasising that a Mizo woman who marries a non-tribal and enters the state legislative assembly is perceived as a potential threat to the well-being of the people of Mizoram. 

The MZP specifically cited the candidacy of Meriam L. Hrangchal, representing the Congress party in the Lunglei South assembly seat, as a cause for concern, asserting that it could endanger the safeguard of the Mizo people.

The press release from the MZP called upon the electorate of the Lunglei South assembly constituency to refrain from supporting Hrangchal and to reject the Congress party for nominating her as its candidate. 

It also warned that if the students’ actions do not yield the desired outcome, the administration might fall into the hands of a non-tribal man through his Mizo wife.

The student body expressed gratitude to political parties that have refrained from fielding women candidates married to non-tribal men. 

Notably, the BJP withdrew the candidacy of Judy Zohmingliani, who was married to an Anglo-Indian, following pressure from the MZP, even after her nomination as the saffron party’s candidate had been announced.

In response to these objections, the State Pradesh Congress Committee remained resolute and defended Hrangchal’s candidacy. The Congress argued that although Hrangchal’s husband belongs to the Gorkha community, he and his relatives have fully integrated into Mizo society, adopting Mizo names and actively participating in church activities. Dipen Zoliana, Hrangchal’s husband, holds a scheduled tribe certificate and serves as a church elder in the Baptist Church of Mizoram.

However, the MZP maintained its stance that regardless of Zoliana’s identification, he remains a non-tribal by birth, leading the student community to object to the candidature of his wife.

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