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No vote counting on Sunday, ECI urged

Aizawl: The ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) and opposition Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) expressed strong objections to the Election Commission of India’s decision for undertaking counting of votes on December 3, which falls on a Sunday, a worship day for the Christians.

The central poll panel on Monday announced the dates for state assembly polls for Mizoram and 4 other states to be held on November 7 and the counting of votes on December 3.

A press release issued by the MNF said that general secretary of the party T C Kaphmingthanga, in accordance with instructions from the state Chief Minister and the party President Zoramthanga sent a letter to the Election Commission on Monday asking the Commission to change the date of counting of votes.

“The MNF party takes a serious view about the decision of the Election Commission of India in fixing the date of counting of votes on Sunday, the sacred day of the Christians when all the government officials involved in the election process and other people engaged in the polls will want to go to the churches to worship God and offer prayers, but will not be able to if the counting of votes is conducted on this day,” the press release said.

MPCC President Lalsawta also wrote to Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar to fix the date of counting of votes between Monday and Friday.

Lalsawta said, “Sunday is a sacred day for the people of Mizoram, which is devoted solely to the worship of God. No official programmes or business are transacted on Sundays in Mizoram. We know that, not only the Congress party, but the entire Christian community in Mizoram would not like the counting of votes to be held on Sunday.”

Earlier, different political parties had made appeals to the Election Commission of India during its visit to Mizoram during late August not to appoint Sunday and Saturday for any important election exercise.

A church leader said that December 3 is also the day when Bible Sunday is observed around the globe by Christians and should be respected.

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