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Political turmoil brews in CADC as CEM announces defection

Rashik Mohan Chakma

Aizawl: In a riveting twist of political events, the four-month-old Mizo National Front (MNF) government in the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) is on the verge of a significant transformation. 

Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the CADC, Rasik Mohan Chakma, has made waves by declaring his intention to join the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM).

R M Chakma, a seasoned MNF leader and the current leader of the MNF legislature party in the CADC, has expressed his discontent after being denied a party ticket by the MNF high command in Aizawl for the upcoming election to the 40-member Mizoram legislative assembly.

In response, the MNF has chosen to nominate Durjya Dhan Chakma, one of its own leaders, to contest from the Tuichawng assembly constituency, which RM Chakma had previously won.

Rasik Mohan Chakma has further stated that he and a coalition of 17 other district council members (MDCs) will soon join the ZPM en masse, effectively transforming the government in the CADC into a ZPM-led administration.

Insiders from the ZPM have indicated that K Sapdanga, the working president of the party, is scheduled to travel to Chawngte, the CADC headquarters, to attend the ceremony marking R M Chakma and the other MDCs’ formal entry into the ZPM fold, slated for Wednesday.

In the May elections for the 20-member CADC, R M Chakma’s MNF secured victories in 10 constituencies. The BJP and Congress, each with five seats, and the debutant ZPM, which contested the CADC polls for the first time, failed to secure any seats.

R M Chakma, with the backing of eight MDCs affiliated with the BJP and Congress (four from each party), assumed office as CEM on May 25, forming the government in the CADC. This latest development signals a significant realignment in the political landscape of the region.

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