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Pro-Democracy Forces Secure Victory: Last Myanmar Army Outpost Falls Near Mizoram Border

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Aizawl: After the Chin National Defence Force (CNDF), a local militia group, captured Myanmar army camp at Tuibual village located near Myanmar-Mizoram border river Tiau on early Wednesday morning, there are now no Myanmar army camp in Chin state adjoining Mizoram.

President of Young Mizo Association (YMA) Tuipuiral group in southern part of Myanmar border Champhai district, T Lalramenga told Zoram Chronicle over phone from Vaphai (situated near Tuibual village in Myanmar) that the CNDF cadres attacked the Myanmar army camp at midnight. 

“Reports received from the CNDF sources said that 29 Myanmar army personnel abandoned the camp and took flight at around 4 AM on Wednesday by escaping towards Mizoram,” Lalramenga said.

He said that the Myanmar soldiers did not want to surrender to the CNDF and preferred to take shelter with the Assam Rifles in Mizoram after having communicated with the Assam Rifles officials.

The Myanmar soldiers lost their way in the jungle and failed to reach Mizoram (Indian) soil on time,” he said, adding that Mizoram Police personnel from nearby Dungtlang Police Station went to Saikhumphai hamlet situated on the banks of the border river Tiau. “Besides the state Police officials, the Assam Rifles personnel and leaders of village council and YMA of Vaphai village went to Saikhumphai as a reception party,” he said.

Thawng Thawng, General Secretary of the Chin National Organisation (CNO), political wing of the CNDF said that they do not have any intentions to pursue the Myanmar army personnel if they want to leave Chin state and flee to Mizoram.

Thawng Thawng said that as of now, all the Myanmar army camps along the border areas of Chin state (Myanmar) and Mizoram have been captured by the pro-democratic forces and there is no presence of Myanmar army camps along the border areas adjoining Mizoram. 

Two Myanmar army camps at Khawmawi and Rihkhawdar in Chin state near Mizoram-Myanmar border Zokhawthar village in Champhai district were overran and captured by the combine force of Kachin Independent Army (KIA), Chin National Army (CNA) and Chin Defence Force (CDF), a local civil militia, on Monday.

At least 42 Myanmar soldiers fled their camp at Khawmawi and entered Mizoram soil by crossing the border on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. They were provided shelter by the state Police personnel posted at Zokhawthar who in turn handed them over to the Assam Rifles in accordance with the instruction from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Myanmar soldiers were brought to Hnahland village via Champha town from where they were airlifted by the Indian Air Force with helicopters to unknown destination outside the state on Tuesday. 


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