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Reiek village among 5 best tourism villages in India

 Reiek peak. Photo: Albert Zosangliana

Aizawl: Nestled atop a picturesque hill just 30 kilometers from Aizawl, Reiek Village has secured its place among India’s top tourism destinations. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, celebrated today at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, Reiek Village was announced as one of the five best villages in India to receive the Gold Medal.

Representing both the village and the Mizoram government, Tourism Minister Robert Romawia Royte graciously accepted the prestigious award from Union Tourism Secretary V. Vidyavathi.

This remarkable recognition was achieved through the “Best Tourism Village” competition, organised by the Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism under the Ministry of Tourism. An astounding 750 applications were submitted from 315 districts and 31 states across India. The competition, initiated on February 16, 2023, culminated in the selection of 80 exceptional villages in early September. These villages underwent rigorous evaluation by the National Evaluation Committee, including presentations and video submissions. Based on their outstanding performances, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards were bestowed upon the top 35 villages, with Reiek Village proudly securing one of the coveted Gold Awards.

The judging criteria for this accolade were based on nine crucial parameters aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals:

Cultural and Natural Resources

Economic Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Governance and Prioritization of Tourism

Health, Safety, and Security

Promotion and Conservation of Culture

Development of Social Sustainability

Tourism Development and Value Chain Integration

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Reiek stands as an awe-inspiring mountain peak within the region. Soaring to a height of 1548 meters, it is cloaked in lush green forests and features gentle slopes on its western side, affording breathtaking vistas of the surrounding valleys and hills. On a clear day, one can even glimpse the plains of Bangladesh from this vantage point. The hill is ensconced by a dense canopy of temperate trees and verdant foliage.

Visitors to Reiek can enjoy the hospitality of the Reiek Village Resort, a heritage village situated at the mountain’s base, as well as another resort halfway up. The heritage village authentically replicates a traditional Mizo village, complete with an entrance gate and distinctive huts representing various Mizo sub-tribes. Explorers can catch a glimpse of the Mizo chieftain’s house, a bachelor’s dormitory, and a widow’s residence, all painstakingly preserved in their original state, offering a glimpse into the glorious past of these valiant highlanders. Additionally, modern Mizo houses have been constructed nearby to showcase the evolution of the Mizo way of life in step with modern developments.

The resort also boasts a cafeteria offering delectable cuisine and comfortable accommodations. Reiek Village is renowned for hosting the annual Anthurium Festival, with April being the ideal time for a visit. Adventurous souls can embark on a trekking trail from the resort that leads to the mountain’s summit.

Reiek village’s accolade as one of India’s finest tourism destinations solidifies its status as a must-visit locale for those seeking natural beauty, cultural immersion, and a touch of the past combined with the present.

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