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Ripples of Manipur Unrest reach Mizoram BJP office


Aizawl: Tensions flared outside the Mizoram unit BJP office in Aizawl today when alleged AAP activists attempted to stage an “agitation,” just a day after a shocking video from BJP-ruled Manipur sent shockwaves across the nation, including Mizoram.

“Around 11:00am, a group of over ten people arrived and expressed their intention to protest in front of our office. Despite our objections, they went ahead and began shouting through a public address system,” stated K Laldinthara, spokesperson for the state BJP.

“The cacophony disrupted our usual Friday political session, and we urged them to disperse. Unfortunately, this led to a scuffle,” Laldinthara added.

According to Laldinthara, the protesters, who claimed to be affiliated with AAP Mizoram, did not obtain prior permission from the deputy commissioner.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and managed to disperse the protesters before any significant trouble ensued.

In the wake of the incident, AAP Mizoram pointed fingers at the BJP, holding them responsible for the outbreak of ethnic violence in Manipur. On the other hand, the BJP reaffirmed their solidarity with the Kuki-Zo tribes, who share an ethnic bond with the Mizos, since the violence began on May 3.

“We were the first party in Mizoram to express our solidarity with the Kuki-Zo tribes and criticize the Manipur government for its failure to quell the unrest,” asserted Laldinthara.

State BJP president, Vanlalhmuaka, strongly condemned the incident and accused AAP members of trying to undermine Mizo social ethics by harassing others. “I urge them not to introduce unethical practices and instead be responsible members of AAP,” he said.

Vanlalhmuaka further emphasised that the disturbing video from Manipur had shocked the entire nation, including the honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, who has conveyed a strong message that the perpetrators of the crime will face consequences.

“We may align with national parties, but we will never compromise on our religion, culture, and social ethics,” he added.

The state BJP today submitted an FIR to Aizawl SP in connection with the incident.

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