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State parties can’t be trusted to tackle saffron wave: Lalsawta

Aizawl: Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Saturday said that the state/regional parties cannot be trusted to protect and safeguard Mizo community, culture and religion.

Addressing party workers at Falkawn village in Aizawl South – III assembly constituency, MPCC President Lalsawta said, “Even if the state political parties wanted to oppose the BJP, whose objective is to wipe out Christians and minority communities from the country, they are unable to oppose the saffron party.”

Lalsawta alleged that secularism has been facing serious problems after the BJP came to power in 2014 while citizens of India enjoyed religious freedom under Congress rule before.

Christian minority community, missionaries and church leaders have been facing hardships and religious persecution in the BJP rule and the saffron party tries to build a Hindu kingdom even in the state of Mizoram, he said.

Alleging that the BJP does not have any shame or qualms in order to achieve its objectives He said that the Christian Churches are no longer having full authority over the fund collections to propagate the gospel.

He also appealed to the churches, the civil society organisations and political party to unite against the agenda of the saffron party.

Rosiamngheta, a corporator in the Aizawl Municipal Corporation and the Congress candidate for Aizawl South-III constituency also accused the BJP of trying to change the Indian Constitution in order to achieve its objective of building a Hindu kingdom in the country.

“They (the BJP) want to change even our traditional and religious marriage by imposing the Hindu marriage,” Rosiamngheta said, adding that the people of Mizoram should not lose the opportunity to oppose the agenda of the BJP before it is too late.

He added that the Congress party wants all the religions in the country to beautify the country as different colours of flower. 

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